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The 1st and Only Art Estimating and Art Pricing Software in the World!

Have you ever been asked....
"How Do you Price Your Art Jobs?"...of course you have and we have the answer!
From Concept To Estimate To Production To Getting Paid
From Concept Thumbnail To Estimate Thumbnail To Production Thumbnail Getting Paid ThumbnailGetting Paid

GraphixCALC Artists Estimator is  for Pricing Art Projects such as Hand Painted Art, Graphics Art, Logo Design, Wall Murals, Canvas Art, Water Color, Digital Art and More. GraphixCalc Artists Estimator keeps Estimating and Art Pricing accurate every time. Whether you are a beginning artist or seasoned artist, pricing art projects is vital to making the money you deserve. How to price art can be difficult at first but with GraphixCalc Artists Estimator we simplified it for you!

Key Artists Estimating and Art Pricing Features:

 Estimation and Workflow Details
  • Keep track of Art & Design jobs from start to finish with Job Tracker.
  • Determine your Shop Rate with ease with the integrated Standard Shop Rate pricing feature.
  • Native integration with QuickBooks accounting software and GraphixCALC Artists additional plug-in required.
  • Install on a single workstation or your local area network (LAN) additional purchase necessary.
  • Calendar feature that allows you to plan and see your upcoming Sign & Design jobs.
  • Apparel/Screen Printing feature provides application types such as Direct to Garment, Iron On and Screen Printing with apparel types and setup fees.
  • Substrate Calculator eliminates “doing the math” for size and quantity of substrates needed for art production.
  • New Payments option allows quick accounting for tracing payments and balance due for Art jobs.
  • New Workflow Tracker. Provides a more detailed view of all Art & Design jobs, allowing you to track stages, times, dates and modify categories to fit your terminology
  • Sync multiple computers with the use of your server or free cloud services such as Google Drive or DropBox.

How to Price Your Artwork?

How to price your Artwork correctly can be challenging. Your Artwork has the value you believe it's worth and them you have true market value. When pricing Artwork you have to take many factors into consideration, for example: Preliminary Sketch/Renditions, Material costs, Complexity of Artwork, Medium used, Fabrication/Assembly, Framing, Sketch/Renditions, Travel, Delivery, Mounting, Location (do you need a ladder), Schedule, Interior/Exterior, Branding etc....

Why GraphixCalc Artists Estimator?

GraphixCalc Artists Estimator is 100% designed by artists for artists. Whether you are a traditional artist or digital artist, GraphixCalc Artists Estimator is an "Artists Must Have" tool! GraphixCalc Artists Estimator is preloaded with data that includes bare essentials such as materials, surface complexities, and design difficulty and much more.

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