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GraphixCalc Artists Estimator

GraphixCalc Artists Estimator(GAE) comes preloaded with data that represents some bare essentials such as materials, surface complexities, and design difficulty and much more. Not only did we want to save you a ton of time by inputting all this "stuff", but we built GAE with for an extremely flexible platform. You can customize, add, subtract, edit 99% of the preloaded data.

Example: We may call a material " Faux Sponge", but if you double click on "Faux Sponge" it will open a table which allows you to rename it to anything....  like, "My Special Faux Sponge:)"





Job Tracker Project CalendarBoard Company Setup
Project Tracker Screenshot Calendar Screen Shot Company Setup
Artists/ Employees & Material Calculator Run Report
Artists Screenshot Material Calculator Financial Report Screenshot
Customers Status Types Add Item Types
Customers Screenshot Status Type Screenshot Apparel Screenshot
Design Complexity Design Complexity Labor Rates
Add Item Screen Shot Complexity Screenshot Labor Rates Screenshot
Canvas/ Media Prices Create Templates Reports (Materials)
Canvas Screenshot Templates Screenshot Reports Materials Screenshot



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How to Videos

  • Setting up your Company
  • Adding Employees
  • Settiing up Shop Rate